"David Can Still Beat Goliath"
Radio Advertising is David's Slingshot
This book is the bible for growing America’s small business success through the effective use of radio advertising. It was written for advertiser reading.

More than four decades of listening to advertisers of all sizes in all size markets has provided most of the empirical data for this book including identifying and targeting a client’s most profitable customers, budgeting, effective on-air scheduling, and creating radio ads that work.

The success of thousands of advertisers who have believed in and used the Warner Concepts has validated and proven the information in this book.
By Norton E. Warner
ISBN 0-9774157-0-8
I've read nearly every book about advertising and marketing published in the last three decades or so, and I've never read a more thorough, practical guide. Norton Warner knows his stuff - he's been doing it for a long time - and he builds a compelling case. I have applied the techniques in this book, and they work every time.  It'll change your approach to advertising, and it'll transform your business.
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