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Printed Pieces to Use with the WCS Videos
  • The Value Story Interview - This 8-page booklet should be given to a client after going through the videos in part II: The Campaign.
  • Growing your Business with PFP - This 8-page booklet builds client confidence and belief in radio advertising. Give this booklet to any size business on first or second call. Be sure the sales rep's business card is attached.
  • Radio Sales Team Handbook - This 18-page booklet is used by all Sales Team members to remind them of the how the Warner Concept System works. Once an advertiser has gone through this program, they often devote 80% to 100% of their advertising budget to the WCS Membership stations.
  • Tracking Client Progress - This sheet allows you to keep a record of which WCS video programs have been viewed by each of your clients. 
  • ​The Budget Path - This 44-page booklet contains the exact script from every budgeting video. There is no reason for a client to take notes.
  • WCS Customized Stationery to share your WCS Successes and Experiences

    WCS Stationery customized for your market, can be used for specific messages within your stations, for local WCS advertisers or for other WCS stations. This might include Management & Sales Letters, Selling Experiences of WCS Sales Reps, Weekly & Monthly Sales Progress or Awards & Achievements of your sales reps and support staff. Please e-mail information of successes or new ideas that are working for you to These will be shared with other Warner Concept System members. Everybody wins!
  • Testimonial Postcards - The purpose of these postcards is to warm-up or create an advertiser's interest in viewing the WCS videos. There are three different postcards in a package with different small business success stories with WCS. These postcards should be customized with your stations' call letters and individual sales rep contact information.
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