About the Company
The Warner family has owned and operated 13 stations in seven communities in Nebraska, Kansas and Colorado since 1960. In 1971, Norton purchased KLIN AM/FM in Lincoln Nebraska that became one AM and three FM stations. His mission is to build America's small market businesses through radio advertising. His belief is that radio is the only medium the small business needs. The Warner Concept System videos asks for and expects 100% of a small business's budget. In presenting these short videos to clients, the sales rep is thoroughly trained. 

To accomplish his mission, Norton went to the two most successful stations in America... KWIX and KRES in Moberly. The Shepherd Group was and still is a Master Mind Alliance in the development of the Warner Concept System. Norton has worked closely with the Shepherd Group from 1969 to today. Beginning with the late Mr. Jerrell Shepherd, today his son David Shepherd and the Shepherd Group GM Mike Edwards. The Shepherd Group was sold in 2007. 

The Warner Concept System is a result of forty-eight years of consultation with the Shepherd Group. 
The new Warner Concept System video programs is a series of 26 videos from 4 to 12 minutes in length. The Invitation is 17 minutes long. Norton started with Jerrell Shepherd in 1969. They were billing $325,000 on two stations in Moberly, MO. In the late 90s David Shepherd took over the late Mr. Shepherd's place as owner of four markets in Missouri. Two stations in Moberly were grossing about one million. Early in his leadership, David suggested that we put together a system that will educate the client. In 2007 Moberly was grossing 2.6 million in a community of 12,000.  Mike Edwards was made manager of four stations in Waynesville-Lebanon in 1993. These stations went from $120,000 total annual sales in 1993 to 3 million today. Mike has given credit to the new Warner Concept System videos. The Shepherd Group stations of Farmington/Festus in Missouri has 2 AMs and an FM grossing about 3 million. 

In 1968, Norton Warner created The Concept, a series of 30 videos from 24 to 45 minutes each in length. These programs are now available in a video library available through the WCS membership and are still being used nationally and internationally. In 2000, The Skills program was completed. This program has trained many sales reps on the people-skills of selling radio. In 2005 Warner published a book entitled, David Can Still Beat Goliath, subtitled Radio Advertising Is David’s Slingshot. It is a handbook for retail businesses and professional practices for the effective use of radio advertising. 
Meet the Team
Van Coker

Van joined Broadcast House in 1972 as a copywriter at KLIN AM and FM in Lincoln, NE. Two years later he began his career in radio sales. This was Van’s first and only job after graduating from the University of Nebraska. He soon became one of the most successful and respected radio sales consultants in Lincoln. Van produced over twenty million dollars in his 35-year radio sales career. He was selling and servicing over a million dollars annually and $150,000 when he left Broadcast House in 2006.

He became president of Marketing Firepower, a subsidiary of the Warner Concept System . One of Van’s special gifts is uncovering information from the Value Story Interview. The Value Story leads to highly effective radio ad campaigns for his clients. Van has served as an advisor and contributor in every segment of the Warner Concept System. The Warner Concept System video programs educate the advertiser and, at the same time, trains the radio sales rep.
Lisa Simon
Lisa started as a "cleaning lady" at Broadcast House in high school. After graduation from the University of Nebraska she began her broadcast career. She had gained several years experience working in every department. Lisa was promoted to Executive Vice President and General Manager of the four Warner stations in Lincoln.

Lisa negotiated the contracts for broadcast rights to all Husker sports. The University of Nebraska invited Lisa as an annual speaker for the Center For Entrepreneurship workshops. She was asked to provide insights in the role women played in world of executive leadership.

Lisa was a valuable contributor to the book, David Can Still Beat Goliath, subtitled Radio Advertising Is David's Slingshot. She has internalized and lived the information she helped write. Lisa was responsible for all facets of each of the four stations from programming to sales. She trained and produced several radio sales reps who achieved individual annual million dollar sales goals. She set records every year in sales and profits in the eight years of her leadership.

Lisa lives, loves and believes in the Warner Concept System and the education of clients. She learned how radio advertising can grow local businesses of all sizes.
Norton E. Warner
Norton has converted over fifty years of street knowledge in working with small business and professional clients into practical, common-sense marketing and advertising for small business success. Norton began his career in radio sales providing marketing guidance to small business in 1958 in Wichita, Kansas, a community of over 400,000. His common sense marketing continued in Kimball, Nebraska, a community of 5,000, where he purchased his first radio station. Norton's family purchased KLIN AM and KLIN FM in Lincoln, NE in 1970.

 He has authored a book entitled “David Can Still Beat Goliath” that explains common sense principles of marketing and profitable media success for small business. He has guided thousands of small businesses to economic success using the principles put forth in this book. This information provides marketing answers for small business in the new world of retail giants.

 Warner has been engaged by the University of Nebraska as a national and international speaker. He has served as government consultant on marketing principles for small business. He has conducted seminars for small business clients in the United States, Canada, and Malaysia and has conducted national seminars for the University of Nebraska.
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