The System
Warner Concept System (WCS) Sales Tool
The Warner Concept System (WCS) is a collection of short sales videos designed to be viewed by sales reps AND the business owner.

This revolutionary sales tool was created to bring on new long-term clients while training the sales rep at the same time.

The Warner Concept System consists of:

• a series of 26 videos
• each from 4 to 12 minutes
• presented on the Internet
• optional print support materials recommended

The total playing time is approximately 2-1/2 hours (plus budgeting)
At its Best...
You can bring in a business owner in the morning to watch the WCS videos and have an annual contract by lunchtime. When the lightbulb goes on, it goes ON.

There are lots of business owners who are eager to find solutions. Most do not know how to increase their sales and they may or may not have much budget. The WCS videos will show the client how they can grow with radio on any size budget.

When Clients Watch, What Happens?
  • Increases the TRUST level for the sales rep and your radio stations.
  • Turns the lightbulb on in a big way. Fun to watch!
  • Puts clients at ease because now, they know that YOU know what you're doing.
  • ​Clients really like that there's a SYSTEM (a systematic approach) instead of "just throwing money out there."
  • ​Clients buy long term.
When Sales Reps Watch, What Happens?
  • Confidence level increases
  • Gains a complete understanding of the unique strengths of radio.
  • Excited about having the power to help a small business grow.
  • ​Relieved to let the WCS videos do the selling.
  • ​More success for sales reps = LESS turnover.
Watch Videos Anywhere
•  View with the client out in the field or in your conference room at the station.
•  Watch via desktops, laptops, tablets and phones.
•  You will need cell or internet access to view the videos.
Benefits of Membership
  • 24/7 access to the Warner Concept System videos (clients watch with sales reps)
  • ​24/7 access to The Concept videos, the longer version (for sales reps only)
  • Custom INVITATION web page that sales reps can use to introduce clients to the Warner Concept System (The Mission video) and invite businesses to grow with you (The Invitation video)
  • ​Program Guide – step by step instructions, scripting, etc.
  • ​Client tracking sheets to track viewing progress
  • ​Phone and email support for any questions from you or your sales reps
TIME is your Enemy
The WCS video service is offered as a Market-Exclusive so competing radio stations will not have access to this sales system. Act now to claim your market and build your stations. You can do this!

Apply for WCS Membership – no obligation.
Starting at $99/month for non-rated markets.
Starting at $500/month for Arbitron-rated markets.
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