The System
Only FOUR Sales Calls to a New, LONG TERM Client!
Bringing on New Clients
I. The Mission & The Invitation
Businesses who are looking to grow will be interested in viewing The Mission and The Invitation.

Your sales rep's objective is to get the prospective client's email address. Let the client know your station will email a LINK to these two programs. This lets advertising clients watch these videos on their own time, on a computer, tablet or Smartphone at home or the office. Before you leave, give them the booklet, "Growing Your Business with PFP." Establish a follow-up date; when does the client think he/she will be finished watching the videos?

  • The Mission (3:39)
  • ​The Invitation (17:00)
  • Click here to view these two videos
II. Your Campaign
2nd SALES CALL - 29 minute video viewing
Set up a 29-minute appointment to watch the Campaign videos together, at the station conference room or the client's business. If at your conference room, several clients may be invited to view these programs.

Value Story information leads to an ad campaign that works. The Sperry Campaign demonstrates an effective ad campaign resulting from a Value Story Interview.  After viewing these videos, each client should be given a "Value Story Interview" booklet. Establish a follow-up date for a private Value Story Interview.
  • The Value Story Campaign (6:00)
  • Value Story Homework (8:00)
  • Value Story Interview (3:00)
  • The Sperry Campaign (12:00)
 3rd SALES CALL - The Value Story Interview
Make a 60-90 minute private appointment to conduct a client Value Story Interview. Newly hired sales reps should enlist the help of the GM, SM or an experienced sales rep to conduct the Interview. Record and transcribe the interview for preparing your client's radio campaign.
 4th SALES CALL - Present the Campaign Ads
Present your client with the initial on-air ad campaign that was created using information from their Value Story Interview. The end-result should be a campaign or series of compelling and attractive differences in your client's Value Story. Customers buy differences. Once the on-air campaign is approved your are ready for the budgeting process.
After The Campaign ads approval, it's budget time.
DETERMINING A CLIENT'S BUDGET may be the most important steps of the Warner Concept System. Rookies, inexperienced or under-performing sales reps should ask for budgeting help. The Budget Path has nine (9) budgeting videos that should be reviewed and referenced by a GM, SM or a long-term, knowledgeable sales rep.

Write up the annual order. On the air!
After the Sale
III. Measurement and Expectations
"Dollar for dollar, radio is the most powerful and effective advertising medium in the world today if it is used properly."* These two programs will demonstrate how to measure the effectiveness of a client's radio advertising and what the client can reasonably expect from his/her investment.
* From Norton's book, "David Can Still Beat Goliath" subtitled, "Radio Is David's Slingshot."
  • Measurement (9:00)
  • Expectations (11:00)
IV. Growing Your Business with PFP
These videos can be viewed by one client at a time or a group of 6-8 clients in your conference room.  Serving danishes, cookies or snacks will be appreciated and enjoyed. The more of these programs you can share with your client, the stronger the client’s commitment to radio advertising.
  • PFP Scheduling  (7:18)
  • ​PFP Scheduling Integrity  (5:56)
  • ​Daypart Scheduling  (5:17 )
  • ​The Snowball Effect  (8:55)
Unique & Important Strengths of Radio
  • Frequency of Exposure (6:21)
  • Concentrate & Sell (7:50)​
  • ​Create Centers of Influence  (3:47)
V. The Budget Path
"Advertising can affect the very life, the very existence of your enterprise. To delegate the planning, the size of annual expenditure and the media allocation is to abdicate your responsibilities."
Dr. Sterling Livingston, business professor & consultant,  Harvard University
There are nine different budget videos in the Warner Concept System. Generally, any WCS advertising client will only need to be familiar with one or two videos from The Budget Path group. Knowing which videos apply to specific advertisers should be decided by an experienced professional.

The budgeting process should be executed by a General Manager, Sales Manager or a Sales Rep who is familiar with the budgeting process. The budgeting process should never be left to a newly-hired sales rep.
TIME is your Enemy
The WCS video service is offered as a Market-Exclusive so competing radio stations will not have access to this sales system. Act now to claim your market and build your stations. You can do this!

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