The System
Warner Concept System (WCS) Sales Tool
For Rookies
Training the Radio Rookie can take a LOT of time.

Turnover among new hires is high because they don't understand radio and they don't know what to do with the business owner. It's expensive to invest in a Rookie, only to have them quit out of frustration.

With the Warner Concepts System (WCS) videos, new salespeople can get productive and experience success quickly!
  • Have the sales rep watch all of the videos (approx. 3 hrs) and read "The Radio Rookies Handbook".
  • Prospecting is easy for Rookies using the "Invitation" web page.
  • Let the videos do the selling.

    The Results?
  • ​New clients that buy LONG TERM.
  • ​Successful, productive Rookies!
This 8-page Handbook tells the salesperson how to
work with businesses and get them started with your radio stations.
When Clients Watch, What Happens?
  • Increases the TRUST level for the sales rep and your radio stations.
  • Turns the lightbulb on in a big way. Fun to watch!
  • Puts clients at ease because now, they know that YOU know what you're doing.
  • ​Clients really like that there's a SYSTEM (a systematic approach) instead of "just throwing money out there."
  • ​Clients buy long term.
When Sales Reps Watch, What Happens?
  • Confidence level increases
  • Gains a complete understanding of the unique strengths of radio.
  • Excited about having the power to help a small business grow.
  • ​Relieved to let the WCS videos do the selling.
  • ​More success for sales reps = LESS turnover.
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