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Bringing on New Clients

I. Growing Your Business - START HERE
Businesses who are looking to grow will be interested in viewing The Mission and The Invitation.

Your sales rep's objective is to get the prospective client's email address. Let the client know your station will email a LINK to these two programs. This lets advertising clients watch these videos on their own time, on a computer, tablet or Smartphone at home or the office. Before you leave, give them the booklet, "Growing Your Business with PFP." Establish a follow-up date; when does the client think he/she will be finished watching the videos?
  • The Mission 3:39
  • The Invitation 17:00
  • Click here to view these two videos
II. Your Campaign - 2nd SALES CALL
 Set up a 29-minute appointment to watch the Campaign videos together, at the station conference room or the client's business. If at your conference room, several clients may be invited to view these programs.

Value Story information leads to an ad campaign that works. The Sperry Campaign demonstrates an effective ad campaign resulting from a Value Story Interview.  After viewing these videos, each client should be given a "Value Story Interview" booklet. Establish a follow-up date for a private Value Story Interview.
  • ​The Value Story Campaign 6:00
  • ​Value Story Homework 8:00
  • ​Value Story Interview 3:00
  • ​The Sperry Campaign 12:00
  • ​Give the client the "Value Story Interview" booklet
The Value Story Interview - 3rd SALES CALL
Make a 60-90 minute private appointment to conduct a client Value Story Interview. Newly hired sales reps should enlist the help of the GM, SM or an experienced sales rep to conduct the Interview. Record and transcribe the interview for preparing your client's radio campaign.
Present the Campaign Ads - 4th SALES CALL - On the Air!
Present to your client the initial on-air ad campaign that was created using information from their Value Story Interview. Establish the initial budget by presenting three budget options: Conservative, Moderate and Aggressive to get the client started. Fine tune the budget to fit the client's business activity. Newly hired sales reps should enlist the help of the GM, SM or an experienced sales rep for budgeting. Write up the annual order using PFP scheduling. On the air!

After The Sale

III. Your Success
Prevent cancellations. These two programs will show your client how to measure the results and what he/she should expect from this campaign. This will keep the client on the air long term. And most importantly, this gives your sales reps a TOOL to make sure these topics are explained professionally and consistently.
  • Measurement 8:54
  • Expectations 11:00
IV. Assuring Campaign Results
Your client will learn why he/she must go for Frequency of advertising exposure. Scattering the client's budget over a large number of different media does not achieve the objective to Concentrate & Sell your client's customers. It becomes important to create Centers of Influence. PFP Scheduling (Planned Fixed Position on-air scheduling) creates a Snowball Effect. Daypart Scheduling is very effective for the small to medium budget. PFP Scheduling Integrity must be assured for your client regardless of the size of budget. PFP is not the same as the old TAP plans. These programs will firm up your client's decision to invest all or a major portion of his/her budget in your stations.
  • ​Frequency 6:21
  • ​Concentrate & Sell 7:50
  • ​Create Centers of Influence 3:47
  • ​PFP Scheduling  7:18
  • ​PFP Scheduling Integrity 5:56
  • ​​Daypart Scheduling 5:17
  • ​The Snowball Effect 8:55
V. The Budget Path
These programs will guide your client through the budgeting process that is right for his/her budgeting method and advertising strategy. These budgeting programs are accompanied with a booklet that contains the video script of each method of budgeting. The booklets that are appropriate for your client's ad strategy will guide your client and save you time. You need to determine what budget path is appropriate for your client If a client is uncomfortable with sharing his/her budget with a sales rep. All the scripts for all the videos are available after the videos are presented to your client.

Achieving Maximum Firepower
Your Budget Plan includes decisions on your client's personal business style (Conservative, Moderate or Aggressive), your client's currently-held attitudes and beliefs about advertising, radio advertising and business goals. 

Your client's Budgeting Firepower is the total budget, all the ammunition your client can muster to win the battle for the consumer's mind. 

  • ​Your Budget Plan 6:20
  • Budgeting Firepower 6:16
Your Personal Budgeting
Comfort Zone Budgeting is an informal method of budgeting. When your client's confidence in radio grows the budget should grow. 
Growth Budgeting is preferred by an established business with a history of sales income and profitability. As your client's confidence in radio grows, your client's budget should also grow. 
Your client's monthly Value Story Budget should coincide with consumer monthly buying patterns. Value Story ads are non-price, non-promotional advertising. Some buying patterns are unpredictable. In this case the client may allocate the same on-air schedule every month. 
  • ​Comfort Zone Budgeting 5:20
  • ​Growth Budgeting 10.00
  • ​The Value Story Budget 8:28
Promotional Budget Allocation
A Budget Planning for Allocation planner for should be kept for a guide for the year. These records will improve effectiveness for the next twelve months.
Promotions require some special planning that assure your client's success. Effective promotions require much larger investments in a short period of time.You can assure a successful promotion if you use a preselling schedule.
Combine promotional appeal with price or a bonus to the customer and use Value Story benefits to add value to price. 
  • ​Budget Planning for Allocation  5:48
  • ​The Promotion Budget  9:24
  • ​Presell the Promotion  6:55
  • The Combination Budget  6:05
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